BriteSmile ToGo 3 Pack

BriteSmile ToGo is a new product from BriteSmile. After years of research, BriteSmile ToGo has been developed to help your smile look its best, without all the hassle of whitening strips or bleaching trays.

BriteSmile ToGo is convienient, simple, completely safe, and it works! In just two easy 30 second applications a day, many BriteSmile ToGo customers start to see improvement in just a few days.

BriteSmile ToGo can be used as an initial whitening treatment or as a touch up after a BriteSmile one hour in office treatment.

Each click pen applicator delivers teeth whiteing gel without any mess. Each pen lasts for 30 days.

BSTGpad$50.00, 2/$90.00pad